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Cholesterol, Walnuts and the FDA
October 7, 2010, 9:33 am
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Whose side is the FDA on? Yours or the pharmaceutical industry?

Thousands of drugs are approved for your use by the FDA based on studies conducted and controlled by the pharmaceutical companies. Once a drug has been approved, it can take years for it to be pulled from the market in spite of clear evidence that it is dangerous (Vioxx, Avantra, to name two recent examples).

Meanwhile, multiple studies have shown that walnuts lower cholesterol. If the FDA had your best interest at heart, they’d be shouting that from the rooftops, since walnuts do not have the side effects of cholesterol drugs.

Instead the FDA threatens walnut companies with fines if they use the results of scientific studies in their promotion. The companies cannot even provide a web link to a scientific websites.

Why is the FDA so harsh on walnuts?

Are they afraid you’ll overdose?


The FDA is using your tax money to promote the interests of the drug companies over your health.

There are many other examples of natural product research being suppressed by the FDA. They are part of the medical-industrial complex that tries to keep you in the dark and hooked on drugs.


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