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Toxic Fat Deposits
December 21, 2009, 2:16 pm
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People tend to think of their weight as a result of calories ingested (food) and calories burned (exercise). Little attention is paid to the role of toxins that have accumulated in fat.

Your body has evolved elaborate processes for detoxifying unwanted elements (solvents, plastics, adhesives, heavy metals, etc). The major site for detoxification is the liver. Our modern polluted world places a constant strain on the liver. Every day it is confronted with chemicals that until recently were never found in nature. But detoxification is only one of the liver’s many roles. It is also responsible for manufacturing proteins and burning fat.

Our livers, overloaded with their responsibilities of detoxification, are less able to handle the task of burning fats. The problem has become so severe that there is now a condition known as non-alcoholic fatty liver in which functional liver tissue becomes replaced with non-functioning fat cells. These people are less able to detoxify and are more prone to obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.  This may explain why so many people are unable to lose weight (or lower their cholesterol) even while following a low-fat diet.  Their liver simply does not have the ability to perform all its tasks efficiently.

At Pure Wellness Centers we believe that restoring proper liver function is the key to achieving a healthy weight.


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