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Which is more “unproven”, natural medicine or drug medicine?
April 16, 2009, 10:18 am
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You may have heard someone say that they won’t go to a naturopathic doctor because we use “unproven” therapies. Medical doctors (MDs) will often tell their patients that naturopathy has “no research support” and is simply old wives tales.


The truth is the opposite. Modern naturopathic doctors read the scientific literature and attend continuing education seminars discussing the latest research. They use therapies that are shown to work with the body – supporting biochemical processes by supplying deficient nutrients and removing environmental toxins. Most of these therapies have withstood the test of time, being safely utilized for thousands of years.


In contrast, few pharmaceutical drugs have had long-term, non-biased studies. Most drugs are “researched” by corporations with vested interest in bringing them to market. It is common, as was recently revealed about drugs used for depression, that negative studies are ignored. In addition, almost no studies are performed on multiple-drug therapy. In other words, if you take one pharmaceutical drug, there is little likelihood that it has been tested adequately. If you’re taking more than one drug, there is practically no research as to what your combination of drugs is doing or how safe it is.


 My question for those that presume pharmaceutical drugs are well researched is, “How many people were harmed or died as the result of taking Vioxx?” Answer: tens of thousands.


And the question for the MD who claims his/her prescriptions are ‘scientific’: “How many prescriptions for synthetic estrogen did you write over the several decades that this was routine practice?”  Before it was discovered that, oops, no research had been done, hormone replacement was one of the most-commonly prescribed therapies. When the research was finally done a few years ago, it showed that these hormones increased the risk of death.


Your choice is natural therapies that have been studied for thousands of years and are supported by modern research or corporate chemistry. Choose your science carefully.



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