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Bio-Identical Hormones: a dangerous fad

Celebrity endorsement from Suzanne Summers has rocketed bio-identical hormones into popular culture. Estrogen, testosterone and human growth hormone are being prescribed despite the relative lack of scientific research. People who take their spoonful of medical advice from Ms Summers (including some doctors) think that because bio-identical hormones are ‘natural’ they’re safe.

Bio-identical hormones are manufactured, synthetic hormones. Plants do not produce human hormones. Extracts of plants are used to synthesize so-called bio-identical hormones. They are no more natural than table sugar or potato chips. More importantly, there are no long-term safety studies.

I believe in the safety and effectiveness of ‘identical’ hormones – hormones made by your glands. When your glands are supplied with the nutrition they need and toxins that interfere with hormone production are removed, supplemental hormones are not needed.

Don’t be taken in by ‘me too!’ health fads. If you’re concerned about your hormones, make an appointment for proper diagnosis and treatments that restore optimal hormonal balance.

Tom Ballard, RN, ND


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The reason lays in the fact that their hormones often go into overdrive so the women have multiple ovulations during the same menstrual cycle. Growth Hormone

Comment by Growth Hormone

Miss Sommers is just a celeb who has written some books talking about her personal experience. I’ve read a couple of them and most are interviews with doctors. If it was Sommers giving the medical advise alone I would be with you 100% but it doesn’t sound like you have really read any of these books? Which of the doctors she talks to are you against and why?

Eating better and working out is the mantra that everyone against HRT starts with but what do you suggest when this doesn’t work? Is it better to suffer through menopause (or Hypogonadism?) like Great Grandma did? I’ve heard that a lot.

I think the option of using hormones that are created to be identical to human hormones is a better approach then using synthetics that are altered simply to make them patentable.

Are human identical hormones safer then synthetic hormones (Horse Urine types)? The facts are not in but we do have data that suggests a few things.
The most important is that giving synthetics (Human Identical Hormones were not even used in the study) to women who have been in menopause for one of more decades increases health risks.

Excuse me but DUH!

The analogy I think of is putting dragster fuel in a rusty car thats been parked for 20 years.

Comment by James

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